Thank you to the Daily Herald and Abby Scalf!

A huge thanks is owed to the Daily Herald and Abby Scalf!  Abby did an amazing job telling our story and connecting my classroom here and in Tanzania.  She was so kind with all of my students and flexible coming into the classroom.  All of my students at St. Joseph School really enjoyed Abby and sharing the experience together.  Not enough can be said at St. Joseph School and their role in supporting the work in Tanzania.  The entire community has supported me from my first trip over and I am thrilled that the students at St. Joseph could be recognized.  The children of St. Joseph have supported the school with yearly collections since the beginning of the construction of the school.  Their work in supporting the school as well as their work in the classroom is worthy of lots of praise!

Click here for the Daily Herald article

One of the stories that Abby shared was about Happy's dislike for a sour candy.  Most of the food in Tanzania is very bland, so candy is super popular.  Sour candy however is not so popular.  Luckily for me I caught a bit of their reaction on video:

The greatest reward of teaching them English has been getting to know each child and give them the chance to express themselves especially their sense of humor.  Thank you again to Abby for sharing our story and I hope you all can make it to our fund raiser on May 10th at Mickey Finn's!


  1. Terry, looking forward to meeting you in Amsterdam on 14 June and traveling with you to Stalla Maris Lodge for our first stay there with Godparents for Tanzania. Best wishes on your fundraiser. Dwayne Westermann

  2. Thank you Dwayne! We are so glad that we can work together with Godparents for Tanzania. I look forward to hearing more about your students and your work!