Big Asante to Libertyville Patch!

Thank you so much to Libertyville Patch for the incredible article.  An especially big thanks is owed to Chi-an Chang.  Chi-an made my second ever interview so relaxed and simple.  She was very patient with me and gave me great advice too.  Also her article was very kind and humbling to read.  It has been quite an adventure these past couple years and my only hope is that these media opportunities can work to inspire more generosity and more people to become involved.  Chi-an did an incredible job with my story and the explaining how much work the foundation has accomplished.  She is clearly a talented writer, and was very kind to me personally.  Most importantly she truly understood that this is a story about a community and what their love inspired.  They welcomed the first visiting families from St. Joseph 7 years ago and from that point forward our relationship has grown and evolved.  They have worked side by side to build this school and hotel in order to provide a better future for these children.   Though we have accomplished so much, there is still work to do.  So if you get the chance please spread the story and join us at our next fundraiser!

Libertyville Patch Article

As Chi-an mentioned our next fundraiser is on May 10th at Mickey Finn’s in Libertyville at 6:00 pm.  There are more details coming, but you can expect pizza, auction items, music, pictures, stories and more!  So please bring your family and friends to show your support for these children, learn more about the foundation and find ways that you may become involved.  

Also make sure you check out our next interview on Easter Sunday on NBC News at 6 a.m (or just record it)!  Thank you all so much for your continued support.

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