Karibu and Welcome!

Thank you for visiting my blog!  The purpose of this blog will be to update all of you about upcoming fund raisers before my trip to Tanzania and then share stories once I have moved back to Tanzania on June 13th!  The tentative date for our official fund raiser is May, site to be determined later…Sorry I can’t be more specific, but we will know more soon!

The children of Mailisita have inspired incredible generosity and work for over seven years.  When Stella Maris opened January 2010 I was blessed enough to be there and be part of the first teaching staff at Stella Maris.  I lived there for seven months and was able to teach them in every subject, except Kiswahili where I was also a student!  I am returning to continue to teach, inspire and provide love for these special students. Our students at Stella Maris come from incredibly difficult backgrounds.  Many of them have been orphaned from AIDS, malaria or other illnesses.  Without an English education there is no possibility to enter High School or college, and without a private education they cannot learn English.  We are working to change that for the community of Mailisita and some of its most marginalized children.  With an English education and love they so desperately need these children are accomplishing incredible things daily!

In case you don’t know me personally, I am a 25 year old teacher who spent 9 months teaching in Tanzania after graduating from the University of Missouri.  I have also taught first grade in America for two school years at St. Joseph Elementary School in Libertyville.  I am returning to Tanzania to teach and live in Mailisita for the next two years.  I will be teaching at Stella Maris, as well as acting as the assistant manager of the Stella Maris Executive Lodge in order to help with these first couple years of operation. 

Thank you for your support and sharing in this incredible journey!


  1. Terry, I can certainly see why your Mother is so very proud of you. One can see your passion for these children in your eyes and your journey. My granddaughter spent 6 months in Port Elizabeth at Nelson Mandela's Metropolitan University. She volunteered tutoring students and it changed her life. She wants a one way ticket back. I informed her what you are doing and she thinks you are amazing. Pat Klebba

  2. I should explain "G" was the name I setup for the blogs for my children and grandchildren since that is what they nicknamed me. Pat K.

  3. Thank you so much G! I can understand your granddaughter's passion for helping all of her students. They are appreciative, deserving and infectious with their kindness. Tell her she is very welcome to come on down to Tanzania and help out too! I really appreciate you helping myself and these children. Without help I wouldn't be able to serve this community. Also thanks for visiting my blog and the comment!